Summer Stroke School

31th Summer Stroke School - Healthy Lifestyle and Preventiobn of Stroke and Other Brain Impairments
International Course

7th-12th June 2021. Virtual

Invitation - presentation (pdf)

Invitation - video 

Preliminary Program 

Confirmed lectures: 
Vida Demarin: Opening and Invitation

1. Academic lectures  
Vida Demarin: Lifestyle and Brain Health
Vida Demarin: Neuroplasticity
Natan Bornstein: TIA is an emergency
Natan Bornstein: Secondary stroke prevention

2. Acute Stroke Management
Dragutin Kadojić: Seasonal differences and circadian variation in stroke occurrence
Anita Arsovska: Update in stroke management
Dennis Dietrich: How to increase the rate of r-tPA?
Senta Frol: Intravenous thrombolysis in patients on direct oral anticoagulants
Željko Živanović: Oral anticoagulant therapy in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage and atrial fibrillation
Hrvoje Budinčević: Early neurorehabilitation in stroke

3. Interventional Neurology
Kurt Niedekorn: Overview and Medical Management of Intracranial Atherosclerosis
Gordian Hubert: Flying Intervention Team: a new model of health care for thrombectomy –results of the time and safety analysis
Hrvoje Budincevic: Endovascular Treatment of Extracranial Vertebral Artery Stenosis
Željko Živanović: Patent foramen ovale closure after ischemic stroke

4. Neurological diseases in women
Sandra Morović: Gender differences in neurological diseases
Anita Arsovska: The role of SSO in stroke prevention campaigns in women
Serefnur Ozturk: Stroke in Women
Hrvoje Budinčević: Migraine and stroke
Vida Demarin: Migraine and lifestyle 
Bojana Žvan: Telemigraine

5. Neurosonology
David Russell: Cerebrovascular ultrasound
Ekaterina Titianova: High intensity focused ultrasound in neurology: From Past to the Future

6. Other Brain Impairments

Sandra Morović: Brain function and obesity 
Ilir Alimehmeti: Neuroepidemiology at a Glance: from Data to Action
Vladimira Vuletić: Role of neuroimmunology in Parkinson's disease
Ekaterina Titianova:  Orthostatic intolerance – Diagnostic algorithm and significance for clinical practice
Denis Čerimagić: A cardiologist in the hands of a neurologist

7. Workshop
Roman Haberl: Munich Neuro Quiz 

8. Panel Discussions and Q&A Sections - every afternoon from 3 to 5 PM (Monday to Thursday), Friday 9 to 11 AM 
Monday: Opening + Neurological diseases in women
Tuesday: Meet the Expert - prof. Natan Bornstein
Wednesday: Acute Stroke Management + Interventional Neurology
Thursday: Munich Neuro Quiz - Neuroradiology + Neurosonology workshop
Friday: Other topics + Closing

9. Satellite Symposiums: 
1. Stroke Prevention (Arterial Hypertension) - Monday 17.00-18.00
2. Rare Stroke cases- Tuesday 17.00-18.00
3. TBA - Thursday 17.00-18.00
4. Life after Stroke - Wednesday 17.00-18.00

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Registration Fee: Free of charge

The Meeting (30th) was endorsed by the World Federation of Neurology, European Academy of Neurology, European Stroke Organisation and World Stroke Organization. 


Croatian Medical Chamber ( xx points for active and xx points for passive participants) and 4 ECTS points: 


Vida Demarin - Stroke (editorial) & special issue of Periodicum biologorum (2012) about all aspects of stroke

Vida Demarin, Sandra Morović Tanja Rundek - Current trends in stroke (2013) -

Vida Demarin, Tanja Rundek, Hrvoje Budinčević: What is new in the guidelines for ischemic stroke, AMK 2015 

Program (30th Summer Stroke School)
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